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London Transport Flying Club
Fairoaks Airport
Surrey GU24 8HU


Phone:     07442 584729

Note: This is a temporary number.

Note: This is the clubhouse phone so may be unattended. 


Fairoaks Airport is on the A319 between Ottershaw and Chobham.

The Airport has two entrances - the Main entrance and the West entrance.  If coming from Chobham, this is the first entrance on the right.  If coming from Ottershaw, it is the second entrance on the left. 

Turn into the West Entrance road marked Youngstroat Way. Go to the end and follow round to left. At the T-junction, with a car park to your left and the airfield in front, turn right and head towards the facing row of small industrial units.  To the right-hand side of these units, and to the left of the bin-store, enter and proceed ahead down the gravel track for around 150m.

The LTFC clubhouse is directly ahead. 


Be aware that the grass parking area is airside - therefore airside rules apply, and your car insurance might not!

The track is also a little rough!  You can park back up at the main car park if you'd prefer.

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